The Massachusetts Review, “Ten Questions for Andrew Hemmert”

Selected Online Publications

Baltimore Review, “Accidental Prayer”

Fantastic Floridas, “Bright Machines” and “Self-Portrait”

Frontier Poetry, “Glitter Ode”

The Lascaux Review, “Upper Peninsula”

North American Review, “A Fire Threaded Through It: The Disappearance of the Florida Panther”

Palette Poetry, “Cathedral Theory” and “Crawdad Theory”

Poetry Daily, “Future Theory”

Poetry Northwest, “Runaway”

storySouth, “On Showering”

The Swamp, “Father, Son, Ghost”

Tinderbox Poetry Journal, “Signs and Wonders”

Verse Daily, “Jimmy Buffett”

Print Publications

Barrow Street, “Coming-Of-Age Story”

Bat City Review, “Of Corridors”

The Cincinnati Review, “Smokestacks”

The Colorado Review, “With Arrows Through Their Necks” (forthcoming)

Forklift, Ohio, “Jimmy Buffett” and “Vessel”

The Greensboro Review, “Baptism”

Hunger Mountain, “Wildfire”

Iron Horse Literary Review, “An Orange Grove Full of Bedsheets in November,” “Corsages,” and “Light Theory”

The Journal, “The Warmth of Toilet Seats in Public Restrooms”

Jabberwock Review, “Junkyard at the Florida-Alabama Border”

The Kenyon Review, “A Little Bit of History” (forthcoming)

The Literary Review, “Luminaries”

The Louisville Review, “Spreading Board”

The Massachusetts Review, “The Owl Catcher’s Son”

Michigan Quarterly Review, “Alcohol Theory,” “Future Theory,” and “Telemarketer Theory”

Mid-American Review, “Elegy with Salt at the Root”

Natural Bridge, “Highway Devotional with Abandoned Barns” and “A Secret”

Nimrod International Journal, “To Live on Mars” and “Like the Points of Compass Needles” (forthcoming)

North American Review, “On the Disappearance of the Florida Panther”

Poet Lore, “Boxcars” and “Carnival Rides”

Prairie Schooner, “The Spirit”

Puerto del Sol, “The Smoking Gun”

River Styx, “Broken Season”

Salamander, “November Theory”

Slipstream, “Weather”

South Dakota Review, “Three-Legged Deer”

Southern Humanities Review, “Sawgrass Sky,” “Angels” (Finalist for the Auburn Witness Poetry Prize)

Southern Indiana Review, “Oranges in Michigan”

The Southern Review, “World Without End”

Spillway, “Clothing Theory”

Spoon River Poetry Review, “Driving Theory” and “Postal Theory”

Sugar House Review, “Glory Hole”

Tar River Poetry, “Sprawl”

Washington Square Review, “Cadaver Theory”

Zone 3, “Resonate”

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