“Ten Questions for Andrew Hemmert” (The Massachusetts Review)

“Five Questions for Andrew Hemmert” by Richard Fulco

“Five Poetry Mini Interviews” by Thomas Whyte


“A Fire Threaded Through It: The Disappearance of the Florida Panther” (North American Review)

“On the Making of Sawgrass Sky” (Southern Humanities Review)

Selected Online Poems

New Poems

American Literary Review, “Death Has a Thousand Pictures in the World”

The Journal, “How Inextricably Amoebas Love the Body” and “The Only Rain”

Sixth Finch, “Wilderness and the American Mind”

Verse Daily, “With Arrows Through Their Necks”

From Blessing the Exoskeleton

Baltimore Review, “Accidental Prayer”

Frontier Poetry, “Glitter Ode”

The Lascaux Review, “Upper Peninsula”

Palette Poetry, “Cathedral Theory” and “Crawdad Theory”

Poetry Daily, “Future Theory”

Tinderbox Poetry Journal, “Signs and Wonders”

From Sawgrass Sky

Fantastic Floridas, “Bright Machines” and “Self-Portrait”

Poetry Northwest, “Runaway”

storySouth, “On Showering”

The Swamp, “Father, Son, Ghost”

Verse Daily, “Jimmy Buffett”

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