“The pleasures of this poem are many: apt metaphors, masterful enjambments and turns within and between lines (‘Next year we’re drilling/ in the Arctic. I’m still shaking/ Fall’s stink bugs out of my sleeves…’), surprising yet deft transitions, and a speaker who feels familiar, and at ease, in a way I’m tempted to call Midwestern. The poem is accessible but not ‘easy’; it’s descriptive but does not use figurative language and imagery as mere ornamentation.”Maggie Smith, on “Broken Season,” winner of the 2018 River Styx International Poetry Contest

“‘Glitter Ode’ struts through a exuberant associative landscape, with glitter—marvelously annoying and excessive—as anchor, as compass. Hemmert’s poem has got us on our feet, wiggling, turning our hips and shoulders and feet, looking for the shine.” – Frontier Poetry